Our First Photoshoot

When I’m designing, I am constantly picturing the final product, how it looks, how it moves and who is wearing it. On October 15th 2015, I saw everything come to life that had previously only existed in my imagination and it was nothing short of a dream come true.

I have previously been involved with lots of shoots with my previous employer but this was the first time I was at a shoot that was for my own baby Meraki! I was so nervous because a shoot can be a very expensive task for someone starting her own label and I knew we only had a few hours to get the job done. I felt scared, excited, nervous, happy and overwhelmed all at once.

Soon after the day started, any hint of fear I felt completely disappeared when I glanced over Hannah’s shoulder to see her camera screen. The venue, the model, her makeup, the lighting…everything looked perfect, and I was in total admiration of her incredible talent to creatively capture every detail. 

Thank you so much again to the Dream Team involved in such a special milestone for Meraki Collections. It is a day I will never forget. 


Creative Direction: Alivia Tonkin

Photographer: Hannah Roche

BTS Photographer/Creative: Stephanie Yap

Make Up Artist: Megan Everett

Model: Gemma Mottershead

Venue: Panama Dining Room