Proudly Supporting Beyondblue

I have always wanted a “give back” component to Meraki Collections but choosing how, who and why, has been the hardest decision for the business to date.

Like the brands namesake – I believe in doing everything with soul and passion. I didn’t want to just choose a random charity to donate to. I wanted to choose a foundation that I felt a personal connection to; a foundation that values what I value and in return, what Meraki Collections values.

I went to work researching worthy causes on the Internet. After scrolling through what felt like a million pages, I was overwhelmed and felt more lost and helpless then when I started. How could there be so many tragic things happening in the world? I wanted to help them all! In the words of the legendary John Lennon I kept saying to myself– All we need is love!

This suddenly took me back to when I was 21 years old, secretly dealing with depression and lacking a bit of self-love. Years before the diagnosis, I would have never imagined myself in this position, and years afterwards I still don’t recognise the person I was during this time in my life. Back then my love of fashion became confused, as I would buy mountains of clothes in a desperate attempt to make myself feel better. Today I have a much deeper appreciation for my clothes, the people who make them and for myself. I now realise that regardless of what I wear, looking good starts with feeling good. And while I want Meraki Collections to help women look good, I more importantly want to be behind a brand that makes women feel good.

beyondblue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. I truly believe that they are making a positive impact and because of my personal journey, I have decided to donate 10% of every sale from Meraki Collections to this beautiful foundation.

As well as raising much-needed funds for the organisation, I want to help break down the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety in order to empower women to speak up, seek help and realise their true potential.

For more information regarding beyondblue please visit: