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Elevating the everyday.

Meraki Collections offers a considered capsule of women’s clothing ethically made in Melbourne, Australia. 

Our timeless pieces are crafted with care, for the environment and for the women who wear them. Meraki’s philosophy is to design simple clothes that elevate the everyday; clothes that are modern yet timeless, functional and beautiful.



Our philosophy 

We want women who buy Meraki to feel empowered and confident. To feel beautiful and comfortable while being kind to our planet. 

How? By abiding by slow fashion principles.  

Slow fashion supports quality, timeless design that transcends trends through thoughtful production and transparent supply chains. 

As such, we use only premium, natural materials and our clothing is manufactured with integrity in small batches by local Melbourne artisans.  

The result is a superior fit, quality craftsmanship and sustainable pieces that will last the test of time.  

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Our story 

Meraki (v.) to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put a piece of yourself into your work 

Meraki Collections is an inclusive, Australian-made slow fashion label offering elevated essentials for women. 

Founded by Chilean-born fashion designer Dayana Adones, Meraki fuses all-natural materials, timeless silhouettes and quality craftsmanship to create sustainable pieces that are functional and beautiful.  

Dayana’s story of bringing her slow-fashion brand to life has had many pivotal moments. But none were as influential as when her daughter was born in 2017 and diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. 

It was no longer enough to create an Australian-made fashion label. For Dayana, she wanted to lead by example; to cultivate diversity and inclusion within the fashion industry. 

“I reassessed how I want to implement change for a better world for my daughters through my work. I want my daughters, and all women to know their beauty and self worth, to feel included, beautiful and valued.”  

In keeping with the brand’s philosophy, Meraki offers size-inclusive slow fashion, ranging from 2XS-3XL. Everything is made locally and ethically in small batches, supporting the talented makers within the community, and 10% from each purchase is donated to Beyond Blue, helping individuals achieve their best possible mental health.  

Dayana’s vision for Meraki is simple: to help all women feel beautiful, included, heard and valued. 

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